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Every year, filing your Taxes properly is one of the most important aspects of your financial plan. Now more than ever you need a dedicated tax professional to assist you! EVERYONE MUST FILE THEIR INCOME TAX EVERY YEAR.

Our United States Congress enacts all the Tax laws, and the Internal Revenue Service oversees the payment and collection of Taxes from the Taxpayers.

Please note some of this year's highlights in our TAX FACTS section. Eventually, taxes will be going up, We Can Help!

Here at Dave Tax, we are dedicated to helping you plan, and save as much as possible through allowable deductions and Tax saving strategies.

Start by looking at our HOT TOPICS section for some of the new Tax laws and limitations. Then look over our TAX CHECKLIST of income and deductions that you will need when it is time for the preparation of your taxes.

As always, please keep good receipts and records of transactions that affect your Taxes. Whether it be records from the sale of a house or stock, keeping an auto mileage log, church donations, or receipts for business meals, keep it organized and easy to total up at Tax time.

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